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Something Beautiful: Ryan & Kelly of 90210, CW
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Ryan and Kelly of 90210 on the CW community.

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Welcome to ryankelly_fans. The community is dedicated to the relationship of Ryan Matthews (Ryan Eggold) and Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) from 90210, the CW spinoff of Beverly Hills. Any posts related to Ryan and Kelly, the characters individually or the actors are most certainly welcome. Feel free to post icons, graphics, fanfiction, episode discussion, news, pictures etc. Don't forget to watch the new episodes of 90210, Tuesday nights 8:00 on the CW!
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Membership is not moderated.
Neither are posts.
No shipper wars.
Respect the actors and the show in general.
No bashing and no trolling.
Use LJ-cuts for spoilers.
Member will be notified if s/he violates any of the rules above and will be banned the third time.
Tag all entries please.
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